How to Choose the Best Golf Shirts to Impress Your Business Partners

Golf is one of the hobbies most businessmen take up. After all, not only is this sport relaxing for them, it is also a way to get to know prospective business partners. There are even times when a business deal is made during the game. The success of a business depends on these men in golf shirts playing across the course.

If you are trying to impress your potential business partner or you are wooing your boss, then you have to learn how to play golf. A great percent of people’s success depends on how well he or she can play golf, especially when the other party is addicted to the said game. You better play the game well and look the part.

You need stylish golf shirts as your battle uniform during business dealings made during a round of golf. If you look the part of an experienced golfer, you can certainly impress the other part. If you want to look the part, then just follow these tips to make the right choice for what shirt to wear during the game.

First, you must take note of what materials the said clothing is made from. It is ideal for you to find the shirt that is made from materials like spandex, polyester, nylon, lycra, and mercerized cotton. It is oftentimes recommended for you to go for a blend of several fabric. They are comfortable to wear during the game, after all.

The clothing should not restrict you in terms of movement. This basically means you must pick the clothes that are flexible, lightweight, and breathable. You can give your potential business partner or your boss a good game in golf if you do not have to worry about your movements being restricted because of your clothes.

Golf shirtsSince you will most often be playing under warm and sunny conditions, you will definitely be sweating a lot, no matter how relaxed the pace of the game is. That is why your golf shirts must have the appropriate moisture-management properties. For example, it should be capable of wicking. This is the property which can keep your shirt and body dry in humidity and heat.

UV protection is a requirement for your shirt as well. After all, you will be playing under the heat of the sun. The sun gives off ultraviolet rays and too much of it can be harmful to your body. To provide proper protection to your own body, make sure your shirt has the UV protection properties. That way, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will not penetrate through the shirt and reach your skin.

There should also be anti-microbial properties in this clothing. Nowadays, more and more marketed shirts used for sports and athletic activities have this kind of property on them. After all, the anti-microbial properties are useful in protecting your body as well as your shirt against bad odors. It can give a negative impression to your potential business investors or boss if you smell bad after just one round of golf.

You might be invited to play in cold weather. There are also shirts that are specially made for such. These are those sports shirts that are specially made to provide warmth without being too bulky. You need at least one or two of the said shirt in your sports wardrobe since you might be asked to play during the cold season.

These are just the basics for buying golf shirts. It is highly recommended that you take note of these tips as these can help you narrow your search and pick the best one out of the lot. It should be worth it for you to remember these tips as they allow you to get the most from your purchases.