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Creating the Image of your Custom Challenge Coins

When you design your custom challenge coins, you are creating the image that is most suitable for the coins. The image of the coin is the image of your company or organization. It is advisable to choose a design that says something good about your company or organization to entice people to come and take a look for the things that you can offer. You might be able to give them something worthy of their time and money.

The Perfect Image

The best way to start creating the design for your coin is to draw your idea on paper. Why do you need the coin, what does your coin represents, and who do you want to target using the coins? Keep in mind that the design or image of the coin represents your company or organization.

It is not difficult to conceptualize a design for your coin; the difficult part is designing a coin that would attract any group of people. It is easier to mint different sets of coin for different groups of people, but it could be costly and impractical.

It is easier to attract the working group using custom challenge coins with a more formal or serious design. Most teenagers are attracted to coins with colorful design. Your designs should not create confusion and mislead the recipient regarding your purpose or the things that you offer.

custom coinsYou can create a design based on the logo of your company or organization, the surroundings that people could associate your company or organization, and the things that you can provide. You can even include your organization or company motto.

You should not design your coin in a hurry. You need to combine all the necessary elements together and make sure they blend well. You can always ask some help, regarding your coin design, from your coin maker in case you are having a hard time bringing all the right elements together. Most coin manufacturers include coin design in their service.

The Special Effects or Additions

There are coin manufacturers that offer other options for your coin. You can have a 3D design, cut out, offset print, keychain attachment, sequential numbering, epoxy coating, or other available option. The idea is to add more value to your coin and not flood it with too many effects. Adding more than necessary could make your custom challenge coins look ridiculous.

There are times when the option that you have in mind might not go well with the overall design of your coin. Don’t decide to add something on a whim. Try imagining the final outcome before deciding to add something. Sometimes, not adding anything on the coin is the best thing to do.

Other Important Things to Consider

You need to choose the right size and shape for your coin to make it more appealing. You can make your coin a bit bigger than the usual, but make sure that the size still fits within the palm of your hand.

The colors that you intend to use should blend well together, although there are times when clashing colors could work too (if such colors could create the right statement for your business).

There are companies that spend a fortune in finding the right colors that would create an impact for their business. These businessmen know that colors play a crucial part in attracting the right clients that would bring in the profits.

The design, shape, size, and color combination of your custom challenge coins are important in creating an image that you want to imprint in the minds of your target clients or audience. It might be far from perfect, but leaving a great impression on the target clients or audience is good enough.