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How to Plan Your Own Funeral Services

Some people may find you morbid if you say you are planning your own funeral. In this day and age, however, this can be considered completely practical and even natural. Not only can you specify what you want to happen – even if you obviously are not going to witness it yourself – but you can also ensure your family’s peace of mind.

During the bereavement period, it is understandable that your family members may be too distraught to make the plans at that point. Plans that had already been ironed out would help erase the possibility of confusion and the pointing of fingers. With an early plan, you also ensure that your family won’t suffer from the effects of inflation. Through pre-planning, your expenses are clear and can be paid in advance.

So, what can you do to set out your plan for your funeral services? Here are some of the items that you can focus on:

The Type of Service

Because funeral services can be very diverse, it is important that you zero in on what type you want. Would you like a traditional church service, wherein the visitation to interment can last a few days? In a traditional setup, it is possible for everyone to say a few final words. The religious or secular nature can also be highlighted, without getting rid of the ceremony itself.

Funeral servicesIf you want the funeral to be simple then you could opt for a graveside service, wherein only your closest loved ones could participate in the ceremony. There is no shame in that. The money saved could be set aside for the future of your next of kin. It is, however, hard to imagine anyone opting for the immediate disposition as that would entail not having any ceremony held at all.

You may also pick between being buried and being cremated. Cremation may be preferable if you want your ashes to either be scattered on the ground or in the sea or if you want to be treasured by your family in an urn.

The Casket/Urn

In your plans for your funeral services, you may also include the design of the casket or urn. Conduct a research on the prices of available caskets and urns. Normally, an urn would cost less, with prices that start from a little below a hundred dollars to a few hundred more. The casket could be worth thousands of dollars, although there are a few caskets on sale that could go for just a thousand.

You can also find out if a casket or urn can be specifically built for you to buy, although customized caskets or urns would more likely cost a little bit more. However, since you are pre-planning, you have a little more control on the overall cost. Your family members do not have to worry that they are either spending too much or spending too little on your funeral.

Personal Touches

Even if a funeral has not been pre-planned, chances are relatives and friends would make an effort to add personal touches. With a pre-planned funeral, on the other hand, you can add your own personal touches so that people would not have to assume. For example, you can decide on who delivers to eulogy and who will be pallbearers.

Special Services

Memorial services could be set apart from the actual funeral services. Most of the times, it is best to leave the decision to the bereaved if they want to set up a memorial after the interment to celebrate the life and death of their loved one. However, this could also become part of the pre-planned services so that everything is polished.

Yes, you can be actively involved in the planning of your funeral services. This way, you indulge yourself while also ensuring the security and peace of mind of your family.