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Choosing a Good Golf Shirt

We live in a modern world saturated with retailers and tons of choices. It is hard to make a mark on this world. It has also been increasingly hard to come up with a new idea and choose what is best. Fortunately, assessing and choosing good golf shirts doesn’t need a deep plunge into modern physics.

Who are you and how do you play? In addition to that, take into consideration the geographical location of the country club. It could be battered with cold and harsh weather from time to time and scorch so intensely in summer, or it could be cool all year-long. Your country club might be located near the equator where it is typically warmer or maybe you live in a tropical country where it drizzles around June and rains hard in certain months like July, August and September. Next get to know yourself better when it comes to golf. You could be a novice or a professional. You could be an affluent businessman or mogul who engages leisurely on playing golf in probably different country clubs all over the world during business trips or vacations. Probably you are a student who plays golf as a hobby. Are you after luxury or fashion, sense and technology? Aside from golf shirts take note if you are left-handed or right-handed when buying golf equipments.

Golf shirtNow that your golf course location and your preference somehow assessed, it’s time to get familiar with the available clothing and clothing technology for golf shirts today. The priority of clothing makers is the player’s comfort. Golf, as tedious and monotonous it may look to non-players, is an active sport. In the early times, men wore tweed jackets to protect them from the cold, harsh surroundings of golf courses. Now tweed jackets are relatively heavy and are not conducive to a powerful shoulder turn because the sleeves and the overall fabric and material are stiff and restrictive. Men used to play golf wearing neckties, too. From then on, tweed jackets were abandoned in favor of sweaters and knit cardigans, leaning more and more towards comfort and function. Women on the other hand, used to play golf with long sleeve blouse and long, wide skirts that were almost ankle-length. Their clubs get caught on their long skirts, and their sleeves like tweed jackets were stiff and restrictive.

So what makes a good golf shirt? Golf shirts should provide the player total, unrestricted range of motion. Wearing the proper golf shirt rather than just the usual everyday cotton shirt will offer the player a better stretch and better moisture management. A good golf shirt is breathable, allowing fresh air to flow freely through it thus cooling down the body therefore providing good moisture management, making the sweat-drenched shirt lighter by promoting speedier evaporation. But in some cases, players want to conserve their own body heat. Due to advanced textile technologies, it is possible for special golf shirts to have different layers especially those designed for cold climates. One layer absorbs sweat and moisture, another lets the moisture evaporate and the last layer prevents wind from getting into the shirt.

It may sound unnecessary to some but more and more golf shirts especially polo shirts for men and women are having a built-in UV protection. Polo shirts are usually made out of polyester but all-cotton polo shirts are still available. Women’s modern golf attire includes a polo shirt, skort or shorts. One word of advice: golf shirts like the rest of the apparel are not cheap. They’re an investment that allows you to stay comfortable while playing golf.