Top 15 Uses of Lanyards

Badge LanyardsLanyards are not just restricted to the traditional function of holding IDs. Nowadays, lanyards have more functions, in addition to being of greater quality. Their aesthetic appeal has also improved significantly.

Here are 15 uses of lanyards that should be enough to prove why you should invest in these laces:

1. Used to hold IDs

This is the most common use of badge lanyards. They hold identification cards in schools, offices, and many other establishments that require wearing of IDs for security purposes.

2. Used to secure ATM and credit cards

Some people simply want to ensure maximum protection for their valuables, which include cash cards. Badge lanyards are made to hold card cases, preventing those precious sheets of plastic from leaving your sight.

3. Key holder

Keys are among the items that are often misplaced. This is why you need to hold and keep them in a place you can easily reach. Attaching your keys to a lanyard is a very effective way of preventing them from getting misplaced.

4. Used to carry USB drives, protecting important files

Digital files are things that cannot be retrieved when lost or broken. Hence, to prevent your USB drive from getting wet or misplaced, it’s always best to place it in a secure holder, like a badge lanyard.

5. Gadget attachment

For people who want to use cameras and smartphones without holding them constantly, placing them on a lanyard is the optimal course of action.

6. Used to recognize affiliation

If you’re a member of a certain organization and you want to be recognized, you should probably wear a customized lanyard that bears the organization’s name or logo. Whether it’s for a sorority, a club, or an alumni association, lanyards are great as affiliation souvenirs.

7. Used in team-building activities

Badge lanyards are often used in activities to designate specific teams and recognize them at ease.

8. Used as marketing collateral

Badge lanyards are commonly associated with corporate events and promotional activities. Most brands would have a special design printed in huge quantities and have them distributed during an event. Not only are lanyards fashionable and customizable, they are also very cheap and easy to produce.

9. As exclusive passes in concerts and events

Lanyards are also popularly used for concerts, mainly to identify people who should be allowed to enter certain areas within the venue. It’s a very efficient way of ensuring security within the area.

10. For fashionable accessories

Many employees and students use their lanyards to complement their everyday outfits.

11. Used to hold whistle in sports

To prevent whistles from getting covered in dirt and for the sake of convenience, most coaches in sports wear them around their necks.

12. To prevent eyeglasses from falling off and getting misplaced

In some cases, lanyards are also used by ophthalmologists. They attach them to the ends of their patients’ eyeglasses. This is usually the case for children.

13. For water bottles

Heavy duty lanyards are also used by some to carry small jugs and bottles. This is important for travelers and mountaineers.

14. Used to hold underwater gear

For adventurous people who like water sports, having a waterproof case and wearing it around the neck is a good option to keep valuables close without sacrificing enjoyment.

15. For signs and public reminders

In malls and public areas, some staff would wear signs like “Ask me for assistance” or “This team, follow me” to be recognized easily.

There are a lot of lanyard businesses online that can help you find the optimal design. They usually offer discounts for large-scale production, and some of them provide customization services.

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